Sep' 2020

State-level webinar on digitalization in civil engineering and career advancement

The Dept. of Civil Engineering organized a state-level Webinar on ‘Digitalization in Civil Engineering and its effect on Career Advancement’ for diploma engineering students on 25 September 2020.

Sudeep Kumar Patel, Senior Assistant Professor, Ashutosh Rath, Assistant Professor, and Rasmiranjan Samal, Assistant Professor, at Silicon West were the resource persons. They spoke about the importance of digital technology for any branch of engineering including civil engineering.

Digital tools have great potential. For the future generation of civil engineers to be competitive and capable, they must develop skills in digital technologies.

The resource persons also spoke about some of the current digital tools used by the companies recruiting civil engineers and the benefits of using these new technologies in construction projects. The benefits are increased productivity, speed, and time-saving in the implementation of construction projects, etc.

Participants appreciated the training.