Oct' 2020

State-level webinar on refrigeration engineering held for diploma students

The Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME) organized a state-level webinar on ‘Refrigeration Engineering’ for diploma engineering students in Mechanical Engineering on 3 October 2020. Manoj Kumar Mahapatra, Senior Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering at Silicon West, spoke at the webinar.

Mr.Mahapatra spoke about the thermodynamic circle procedures in Refrigeration Engineering, focussing on the compression refrigeration systems and absorption refrigeration systems. Refrigeration energy is used daily in many fields like the food industry, air conditioning, medical technology, and logistics.

He also spoke on the job profiles of the refrigeration engineers. Refrigeration engineers design, install, repair, and maintain refrigeration equipment in industrial and commercial buildings that store food and other perishable goods at a constant low temperature.

This program was an academic outreach program of the institute.