Feb' 2023

The Literary Club at Silicon West organizes ‘Litterateur of the Fall 2023’

The Literary Club at Silicon Institute of Technology, Sambalpur (Silicon West) organized a literary event, ‘Litterateur of the Fall 2023’ on 15 February 2023.

The objective of this event was to give the students an opportunity to showcase their literary genius and refine their speaking and writing skills.

Prof. Mihir Hota, Dean Academics, inaugurated the program and delivered the welcome address. The Chief Guest of the event was Dr. P. Muralidhar Sharma, Assistant Professor, English, Gangadhar Meher University, Sambalpur. Dr. Sharma was also the external judge of the event.

Dr. Tyagraj Thakur, Senior Assistant Professor and Ms. Ankita Panda, Assistant Professor from the department of Basic Sciences and Humanities were members of the internal jury.

The competition comprised of multiple rounds. The first round titled ‘Scripto Fabula’ was a creative writing session. The writers who performed the best in this round were shortlisted for the finals.

The finals consisted of three rounds. The first round titled ‘Poetica Reflexionem’ included interpreting a given poem in one’s own words. In the second round, ‘Dramatic Soliloquy’ the participants performed selected soliloquies of different plays. The final round was the ‘Oration’ in which the students orated on the topic, ‘India that is Bharat’.

The title of ‘Litterateur of the Fall 2023’ was awarded to Somdev Behera from the CSE 2025 batch.