Jul' 2021

uTern: A quadcopter to transport goods up to 5000 meters above the sea level

The Wireless Sensor Networks research group at SiliconTech is designing and developing a quadcopter with the capacity to deliver goods and supplies to hard-to-reach locations.

The major components of the quadcopter are motor, electronic speed controllers, GPS module, antenna, receivers, battery monitor, gimbal, camera, and sensors. It would have the capacity to take off up to 5000 meters from sea level.

The AI/ML module in the quadcopter gathers the route information of the flights and the top points from the GPS module through its path. The location-aware principle pilots the device via a shortened air distance from the source to the destination. The hidden access control policy mechanism integrates with ciphertext policy attribute-based encryption (CPABE). It prevents unauthorized access at the destination point due to the absence of the person concerned.

The feature of this model is that it would help in the delivery of emergency items to unreachable locations such as hilltops or no-man zones. Besides that, the solar capacity-based cells are long durable.

The high sensitive night vision camera and the associated module would prevent an accident with high-flying birds. The photo-sensing division of the module can measure images of the static and moving objects with less time complexity.

The quadcopter would be of great help to deliver emergency medicines during a flood, cyclone, and other natural calamities.