Oct' 2021

VSDOpen 2021 Conference Tutorial on Bandgap IP design using SKY130nm Technology Node

VLSI System Design (VSD) Pvt. Ltd. organizes an online international conference every year in the name of ‘VSDOPEN Conference’ to provide high tech experience of developing analog designs using Open Source tools, PDKs, and Cloud platform. The speakers are from world’s top most universities and top most semiconductor companies. This year, they organized a five-day international conference viz., VSDOpen2021 from 19 to 23 October 2021.

Prof. (Dr.) Saroj Rout and Prof. Santunu Sarangi from our Advanced VLSI Lab delivered a very informative course on Bandgap Reference (BGR) circuit. The course mostly focused on intuitively understanding the concepts involved in designing a BGR circuit with real-world specifications and complete hands-on practice using the open-source EDA tools (Ngspice, Magic &Netgen), Google’s Skywater 130nm (SKY130) and open-source process design kit (PDK).

A large number of participants from the industry & academia around the globe had participated in this course. The complete content of this course is available at the below GitHub page (https://github.com/vsdip/vsdopen2021_bgr)