Mar' 2021

Webinar on machine learning and its applications discusses approaches to solve machine learning problems

The Departments of Computer Science & Engineering and Computer Applications jointly conduct a three-day webinar on ‘Machine Learning and its Applications’ from 4 to 6 March 2021.

The webinar discussed some of the domains of machine learning such as industrial applications and approaches to solve problems using machine learning, regression problems in supervised learning, ensemble methods in machine learning, quickest change detection, and unsupervised learning.

Dr. Bighnaraj Panigrahi, Associate Consultant in TCS Networks Innovation Lab, Dr. Hemanth Kumar Rath, Senior Scientist at TCS Networks Lab, Dr. Sumanta Patro, researcher at TCS Networks Lab, Dr. Siba Narayan Swain, Assistant Professor, IIT Dharwad, Dr. Vineeth N Balasubramanian Department Head, AI, IIT Hyderabad, Dr. Taposh Banerjee, Assistant Professor, University of Texas, and Dr. Ashish Ghosh, Head, Machine Intelligence, ISI Kolkata, spoke at the webinar.

The webinar was attended by 190 participants from both SiliconTech and outside.