B. Tech. Computer Science & Engineering

The B.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) program aims to prepare undergraduates to become proficient in the theory and application of fundamental concepts of computer science. The core courses in the program are programming, data structures, algorithms, database systems, computer architecture, networking, and security.

The project-based study helps students develop competencies in a broad spectrum of topics in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics; internet of things, natural language processing, cloud computing; data mining, text mining, client-server application; web and mobile applications, cryptography, social network; software engineering, and wireless sensor networks.


I joined Silicon in 2016, and honestly, I was a bit skeptical about how this place would make me ready for the big world outside. Would my endeavors have support from dedicated professors? But in these four years, my skepticism about the credibility of the institution has vanished. I am grateful to all the professors and non-teaching members for always being there for us, helping us in every possible way. I have learned that we may lose competitions, but all that matters is how you tried and how you take things sportingly. I had a friendly rapport with most of my professors. So from life advice to academic advice, I got it all here.

Sanskriti Purayar

System Engineer, Infosys

B.Tech. CSE, 2016-2020

Student Achievers

Shubham Kumar

Year of graduation - 2021

Shubham won the Best Poster Award in COMSNETS 2021

Pradeep Kumar Mahato

Year of Graduation - 2021

Pradeep won the Best Poster Award in COMSNETS 2021

Soumya Karmakar

Year of Graduation - 2020

Soumya was selected by TCS, Infosys, and Wipro

Gaurav Kumar

Year of graduation - 2019

Gaurav won the Best Student of the Year Award

Career Paths

The B.Tech. CSE graduates have excelled in diverse fields and capacities like leading innovation as a Principal Data Scientist, offering IT solutions as Senior Consultants in top MNCs, shaping future technocrats in academia, or leading the research and development in institutes of eminence, etc.


Facilities & Activities


State-of-the-art laboratories with the latest hardware and software for learning by doing.


Library with over 21864 volumes of books, subscriptions to top e-journals, and reading rooms for focused learning.

Student Clubs

Vibrant activity clubs, gym, top-notch sports facilities and technology clubs.


Modern student housing ensures comfort, safety and wellbeing.

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