Student Wellbeing

Silicon West creates a learning environment where the differences and uniqueness of every individual are respected and celebrated. It strives to ensure equal opportunities for all.

The campus community promotes student well-being and growth. There are on-campus weekly doctor visits and round-the-clock ambulance services. Silicon West has a stringent anti-ragging policy and a responsive grievance redressal mechanism.

The culture of camaraderie, trust, ready support, and compassion for each other at Silicon West ensures that students are happy and engaged.

Healthcare on Campus

A General Physician visits the campus once a week for consultation. The on-campus Residence Clinic stocks the necessary first aid medicines. However, in case of illness, students are offered immediate medical assistance. The nearest hospital is in Majhipali, located 5 km away from campus.

In case of a chronic illness, students should inform their Faculty Advisors about the symptoms and any immediate assistance required. If there is a serious health condition or an infectious disease, students should inform the warden, who will take necessary action with the doctor’s approval.

There is a 24*7 ambulance facility for emergency use. Students will have to bear the medical expenses and the ambulance charges, if any, and deposit a copy of the prescription to the Residence Office for future reference.

Ragging Free Campus

Silicon West is a ragging-free campus. Students should abstain from any activity which causes or are likely to cause annoyance, hardship, or psychological harm or raise fear or apprehension in any other student, junior or senior.

Students are prohibited from indulging in any disorderly conduct, whether by words, spoken or written, or by an act of teasing, treating, or being rude to others.

Students cannot ask their peers to do anything that will cause them shame or embarrassment and adversely affect their physique or mental health.

Acts of ragging, inside or outside the campus, are punishable under the Police Act and will be immediately reported to the police. Refer to the ‘Student Handbook’ for more details.

Gender Sensitive Campus

Silicon West strongly supports gender equality and opposes any form of gender discrimination and violence. We nurture a safe and inclusive campus committed to preventing all forms of gender violence, sexual harassment, and discrimination based on sex/gender.

We are committed to building a community where students, teachers, and non-teaching staff can work together in an environment free of violence, harassment, exploitation, and intimidation.

Silicon West upholds the constitutionally mandated Vishaka Committee guidelines and has a specific policy on the prevention of sexual harassment.

Grievance Redressal

Silicon West has a robust mechanism to address student grievances quickly and sensitively. Students can reach out to their Faculty Advisors for immediate assistance and further guidance in case of any grievance. A grievance can be about a situation, process, or one or more persons.

The student should approach the Dean, Administration, and Student Affairs, for further assistance if the grievance is not addressed within five days. The Dean will convene a Grievance Committee and appropriately deal with the grievance(s), as per our prescribed norms.

Live and learn in the best environment.