B. Tech. Electrical Engineering

The B.Tech. Electrical Engineering (EE) program aims to build the analysis and application skills of the students in electrical engineering. They learn the basic concepts and applications of electrical machinery, power transmission and distribution system, power system operation, and control and protection.

The program provides foundational knowledge in electrical engineering, network analysis principles, electrical quantity measurements, control of electrical systems, and power electronics and its application in electric drives.

The core courses in the program are electrical machines, power electronics and drives, and power systems. Courses like network theory, control systems, and renewable energy sources help students work on real-world problems.

The program offers several interdisciplinary subjects such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data structure, C, C++, focused on recent industry demands. Project-based learning using MATLAB, LABVIEW software, and artificial intelligence build specific expertise of students.


It is always better to teach an individual how to catch a fish, rather than giving her a fish to eat. Learning how to catch that proverbial ‘fish’, or the opportunity was the first and most important lesson that Silicon taught me. Graduating as an Electrical Engineer, my time at Silicon gave me a lot of experience and knowledge, both curricular and extra-curricular. I got ample opportunities to hone not only my technical skills but also my soft skills. And this has helped me transition well from a student to an IT professional.

Soumav Bose

Software Engineer, Infosys

B.Tech. EE, 2015-2019

Student Achievers

Subhankar Acharya

Year of Graduation - 2020

Subhankar won the Best Paper Award at CISPSSE 2020

Soumav Bose

Year of graduation - 2019

Soumav was selected by Infosys.

Snehangi Das

Year of Graduation - 2019

Snehangi was selected by Chegg

Rishikesh Kumar Suman

Year of Graduation - 2016

Rishikesh won the Best Student of the Year award

Career Paths

The B.Tech. EE graduates go on to work in aeronautics, energy industry, information technology sector, electromedical and control instruments manufacturing, architectural engineering and related services, or pursue research.


Facilities & Activities


State-of-the-art laboratories with the latest hardware and software for learning by doing.


Library with over 21864 volumes of books, subscriptions to top e-journals, and reading rooms for focused learning.

Student Clubs

Vibrant activity clubs, gym, top-notch sports facilities and technology clubs.


Modern student housing ensures comfort, safety and wellbeing.

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