M.Tech. Power Engineering & Energy Systems

The M.Tech. Power Engineering and Energy Systems (PE & ES) program offered by the department of EEE equips a graduate engineer with advanced learning and practice in power systems.

Core courses include computational methods for power systems, power system analysis, power systems dynamics, research methodology, etc. The program offers a wide variety of electives from renewable energy, power electronics such as smart grids, power quality, solar & wind power systems, high power converters, electric and hybrid vehicles, advanced digital signal processing, etc.

Postgraduate programs at Silicon are designed and intended to provide deeper knowledge and insight into the specific field of study. However, Silicon encourages students to undertake interdisciplinary projects. It supports research and practice in such an initiative by assigning additional project guides from other departments to mentor the students.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Beyond building core competencies and technical know-how of students, the program fosters creative skills to thrive in a dynamic world, develops leadership and social responsibility, and cultivates lifelong learning skills.

  • PEO1. Fundamental Knowledge: To provide students with a foundation in mathematics, physics and core electrical and electronic areas required to formulate, solve and analyze engineering problems.
  • PEO2. Professional Skill & Society: To analyze real life problems; apply the knowledge gained from modern design methodologies to address issues in a manner i.e., technically sound, economically feasible and socially acceptable.
  • PEO3. Ethics & Lifelong Learning: To inculcate ethical attitude, effective communication skills, teamwork in their profession and adapt to current trends by engaging in lifelong learning needed for a successful professional career.


Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

The comprehensive curriculum helps students to:

  • PSO1. Engineering Knowledge and Analysis: Apply engineering fundamental knowledge to identify, formulate, design and investigate complex engineering problems of electric circuits, power electronics, electrical machines and power systems and to succeed in competitive exams.
  • PSO2. System Design & Professionalism: Apply appropriate techniques and modern engineering hardware and software tools in power systems and power electronics to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economical, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety, manufacturability and sustainability.
  • PSO3. Leadership & Lifelong Learning: Function effectively as an individual or a leader in a team to manage different projects in multidisciplinary environment and appreciate the need for, and an ability to engage in life-long learning.

Career Paths

An M.Tech. Power Engineering and Energy Systems degree opens up career options in aeronautics, energy industry, information technology sector, electromedical and control instruments manufacturing, architectural engineering and related services. Research and academia also offer challenging opportunities for engineers with this specialization.


Beyond the Classroom

Summer Internships

Learn new skills and upskill in the latest technologies through project based training.

Practice School

Experiential learning through real time problem solving in industry environments.

Research Labs

On-campus labs for cutting-edge research in the latest science and technology domains.

Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Gain skills to build technology firms that service global clients.

Facilities & Activities


State-of-the-art laboratories with the latest hardware and software for learning by doing


Library with over 63000 volumes of books, subscriptions to top e-journals, and reading rooms for focused learning

Research Center

Multidisciplinary research center with cutting edge labs researching on latest technologies

Sports & Fitness

Fully equipped gym and top-notch facilities for cricket, basketball, football

Student Clubs

Vibrant sociocultural clubs, a plush 350-seater private cinema hall, and buzzing with action technology clubs


Modern student housing ensuring comfort, safety and wellbeing

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