Master in Computer Applications

The Master in Computer Applications (MCA) program prepares students to design and develop applications like information systems and web and mobile applications to analyze and solve computer science and information processing-related problems.

Core courses are programming languages, databases, and software engineering. Specializations are available in machine learning, soft computing, and the internet of things. You will learn the latest information technology tools like OOPs using Java and data analytics.

Project-based study help students develop competencies in a broad spectrum of topics in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, internet of things, natural language processing, cloud computing, data mining, text mining, client-server application, web and mobile applications, cryptography, social network, software engineering, and wireless sensor networks.

Postgraduate programs at Silicon are designed and intended to provide deeper knowledge and insight into the specific field of study. However, Silicon encourages students to undertake interdisciplinary projects. It supports research and practice in such an initiative by assigning additional project guides from other departments to mentor the students.

Silicon has been a great contributor in developing my career. I have honed my team skills, responsibility, and time management to a whole new level. In those three years, I received a lot of help from subject teachers, even when they were not assigned to teach our batch. Their teaching skills were excellent. Apart from that, I learned professionalism and the hunger to achieve more. Overall, it was an exciting and challenging journey for me at the campus.

Ayan Mukhi

Associate Software Engineer, Mindfire Solutions

MCA, 2017-2020

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The Master in Computer Applications program prepares students for long-term success. Beyond building core competencies and technical know-how of students, the program fosters creative skills to thrive in a dynamic world, develops leadership and social responsibility, and cultivates lifelong learning skills.

  • PEO1. Develop software solutions to problems across a broad range of application domains through analysis and design.
  • PEO2. Work professionally and communicate effectively in interdisciplinary environment, either independently or in team, and demonstrate leadership in academia and industry.
  • PEO3. Utilize computational techniques and develop software by integrating existing technologies and adapt to new technologies for building rich software applications for benefit of the society.


Student Achievers

Janmejay Ghosh

Year of Graduation - 2023

Placed in Argusoft with 7.1 LPA

Srutibini Das

Year of Graduation - 2023

Placed in PwC with 6 LPA

Sriman Behera

Year of Graduation - 2022

Placed in Capgemini with 7.5 LPA

Akanskhya Mohanty

Year of Graduation - 2022

Placed in Haber with 7.3 LPA

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

The comprehensive curriculum helps students to:

  • PSO1. Understand the concepts and applications in various fields of Computer Application like Web designing and development, Mobile application development, and Network & communication technologies.
  • PSO2. Apply standard practices and strategies in software development & project development using open-ended programming environments to deliver quality applications for business success.
  • PSO3. Employ modern computer languages, technologies, environments, and platforms in creating innovative career paths to be an entrepreneur, and a zest for higher studies

Career Paths

An MCA degree will open up many employment opportunities in information technology companies and consultancy firms. Students can easily find jobs in banking, networking, desktop publishing, or in the government, academia, or research.


Beyond the Classroom

Summer Internships

Learn new skills and upskill in the latest technologies through project based training.

Practice School

Experiential learning through real time problem solving in industry environments.

Research Labs

On-campus labs for cutting-edge research in the latest science and technology domains.

Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Gain skills to build technology firms that service global clients.

Facilities & Activities


State-of-the-art laboratories with the latest hardware and software for learning by doing


Library with over 63000 volumes of books, subscriptions to top e-journals, and reading rooms for focused learning

Research Center

Multidisciplinary research center with cutting edge labs researching on latest technologies

Sports & Fitness

Fully equipped gym and top-notch facilities for cricket, basketball, football

Student Clubs

Vibrant sociocultural clubs, a plush 350-seater private cinema hall, and buzzing with action technology clubs


Modern student housing ensuring comfort, safety and wellbeing

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