Research Domains

The Research Center has strong groups in the domains of data science, optical sensors, power electronics and systems, signal processing, VLSI and wireless sensor networks.

Data Science

The research focus in Data Science is on extracting actionable information from varied forms of data and presenting solutions to many real-world problems. The efforts include research on applying scientific methods mostly from machine learning, empirical sciences, statistics, data mining, and big data analytics on varied application domains.

Optical Sensors

Research in the Optical Sensor facility works on various fields of optical sensors, including fiber optics sensors, forward-looking infrared imaging, and distributed sensing. The research team focuses on developing fiber optics sensors for civil applications, high-temperature monitoring, biomedical engineering, and security applications. SiliconTech is constantly exploring new avenues in the field of high-precision optical sensors, like Fiber-Bragg grating sensors.

Power Electronics and Systems

The research thrust in the Power Systems and Electronics domain is on processing and conversion of electrical energy. The research team focuses on solutions for the reliable and efficient operation of interconnected power systems with large-scale integration of renewable energy. We work to modernize the electric grid to a Smart grid with bidirectional communication, catering to both the customer and grid operator requirements.

Signal Processing

The Signal Processing research group primarily aims to design and develop efficient algorithms to resolve real-time and offline issues related to single and multi-dimensional signals/systems. The focus is on data integration, techniques, and tools for efficient knowledge discovery to aid decision-making processes in association with information extraction and computational intelligence. The work is in diverse areas such as speech, audio and image processing, computer vision, and video processing, etc.


The VLSI group focuses on research in the area of CMOS integrated circuits and electronic system design. It aims to contribute to making India technologically independent in the semiconductor industry. Some of the research includes developing microcontrollers for use in low-power IoT-based applications, analog IP blocks for an ultra-efficient neuromorphic processor, and a power management solution for the LED lighting industry, etc

Wireless Sensor Networks

The research in the Wireless Sensor Networks domain is on the design and development of new environment friendly products and solutions to enhance the quality of life of individuals. It focuses on prototyping and developing sensor related technologies for wireless networks to serve diverse real life applications. These include research on a smart IoT model for acute stroke avoidance, an IoT-based detection model for the level of autism, an IoT-based system for patient monitoring, etc.

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