Student Activities

At SiliconTech, opportunities abound for you to explore your extracurricular interests. More than 20 student clubs, groups and learning societies offer an engaging life outside the classrooms.

Your peers, professors and the college staff strive hard to give you a campus experience that helps you thrive. Grow your talents, discover new interests, and develop life skills in a supportive environment.

Siliconites organize two popular annual intercollege events – Zygon, the cultural fest, and NIRMAN, the technical fest, which sees participation from colleges across the country.

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Siliconites Win Big! Achievement Student Names Date

Runners Up prize in HashnodeXAuth0 Hackathon for creating an app called ‘Opentek’ that tried to solve the problem of excessive Google searching to find events, programs, or resources.

Anirudh Panda (EEE), Batch 2023

Aug 2021


One of the 30 block chain technology developers chosen across the country for Tezos India Fellowship 2.0., who was mentored and supported in learning Tezos stack while receiving a stipend of $2000 over the course of the 8-week mentor-led program.

Srijan Paul (CSE),  Batch 2023

Jul 2021


The JCoders team received the  Affinidi prize at the international level hackathon ‘Hack the Mountains 2.0’, a 36 hour virtual hackathon organized by the tech community from Jammu and Kashmir, ‘SUDAN’S Tech’. The team received prize money of 10,000 INR worth ETH.

Sumeet Naik (CSE), Sunil Panda (CSE), Ayush Mohanty (CSE) and Nishikanta Ray (ECE), Batch 2023


Jun 2021


Google sponsored prize for the ‘Best use of Google Cloud’ category in the ‘Hack Girl Summer 2.0’ online gender – focused Hackathon, hosted by the Major League Hackathon (MLH).  The winner created ‘ROSE’,  a gender-fair focused virtual assistant which assists in realization of unconscious bias.

Prasansha Satpathy (CSE), Batch 2023

Jun 2021


Team Farm Folks secured the 1st position in the Global Innovation Drive 1.0 – an international Hackathon, organized by Startup Grind, in collaboration with KIIT–TBI, and were awarded a pre-incubation opportunity at KIIT-TBI.

Punyadeepa Pattanaik (ECE), Ayushman Patnaik (ECE), Ashutosh Patra (CSE), Asutosh Rath (CSE), Amit Kumar Patro (ECE) and Neha Mohanty (ECE)

Jan 2021


The Silicon team of Punyadeep Pattnaik and Ayushman Pattnaik were among the top 10 teams from the state who qualified in the 1st round of Chattra Vishwakarma Awards, 2020

Punyadeep Pattnaik and Ayushman Pattnaik from ECE, Batch 2021

Dec 2020


The team Creative_ Beings, from Silicon, won the Smart India Hackathon 2020 (Software Edition) – the world’s largest ever online hackathon, organized by the Ministry of Human Resources Development and AICTE. They won in the domain ‘Waste Management’ against the Problem Statement ‘Smart Management of Food Storage and Waste Reduction’.

Kiran Kumar Potnuru (ECE), Sachin Kumar Rawani, P.Digvijay, Sidhant Ray from CSE and Subhadra Panda, Vicky Kumar from ECE

Aug 2020 & Achievement

Technology Clubs

A team of builders making robots, drones, home automation systems, designing electronic circuits, or winning hackathons.


The official coding club of SiliconTech, Silicon Wing of Technical and Coding Hub (SWITCH), develops a love for coding and advanced coding skills among students, and keeps them informed of the latest trends. If programming is your passion, then SWITCH Club is where you want to be.

Dr. Soumya Priyadarsini Panda

Faculty Coordinator

Swaraj Baral

+91 9861168404

Anubhab Patnaik

Joint Secretary
+91 9430332116

Circuit Club

Circuit Club members design electronic circuits and IoT devices winning prizes for solving hard challenges like natural disasters, smart solutions for drainage systems, developing a real-time bike monitoring system or a smart water leakage and quality monitoring tool.

Dr. Sudhansu Mohan Biswal

Faculty Coordinator

Adarsh Kumar Das

+91 9491110582

Aditya Sahu

Joint Secretary
+91 9668187480

Robotics Club

Robotics Club members work on high-impact and large-scale robotics projects, build manual and automated bots, drones and IoT devices. Students often win state and national level robotics competitions and hackathons.

Satish Das

Faculty Coordinator

Papun Kumar Jena

+91 9668876389

Rudra Narayan Sahu

Joint Secretary

+91 7978260733

Social & Cultural Clubs

The creative hotbed of SiliconTech where student performers and artists make music, play theatre, perform dance, take photographs, design or nourish their love for cinema.

Social Media Cell

The Social Media Cell is an all-in-one destination for never-ending awesomeness. Learn to manage the social media handles – Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook etc., conduct online events or cover various events of the college.

Tapas Kumar Maji

Faculty Coordinator

Priyanshu Mishra

+91 7735811477

Theatre Club

The Theatre Club exposes students to different aspects of theatre like mono acting, direction, script writing, and stage management. You will learn to organize a play, stage a production or even learn to work collaboratively with other artists.

Annapurna Mishra

Faculty Coordinator

Vivek Mohapatra

+91 9040960411

B Aditya

Joint Secretary
+ 91 9348688566

Photography Club

If stunning images make your heart beat faster, then Silicon’s Photography Club is where you want to be. Amateurs and professionals alike are a part of this vibrant club which also captures campus events and moments.

Annapurna Mishra

Faculty Coordinator

Swastik Kanhar

+91  7008110086

Omkar Ankit

Joint Secretary

Music Club

Soar high as a guitarist, drummer, beatboxer, pianist, a singer or dancer at the Silicon Music Club. Get professionally trained in singing, dancing and guitar, or learn to play modern and classical musical instruments. Jam with the in-house music band, ‘Samarpan’, or groove along with the dance group DDX: ‘Demon Dancers Extremo’.

Ananya Roy Choudhury


Ankit Acharya

+91 7751929143

Ardhendu Mishra

Joint Secretary

Creative Club

The Creative Club is the space to nurture the artists in you. Build large 3D structures from waste, learn modern art, face painting or photoshop, or create tattoo designs. The canvas is wide for you to bloom.

Annapurna Mishra

Faculty Coordinator

Kaushiki Singh

+ 91 8210393971

Bhakti Ranjan Jena

Joint Secretary
+91 9861044181

CineMax Club

No matter where your heart lies, Bollywood, Hollywood, Korean or regional films, the lovers of cinema at CineMax Club bring cinema from across the world to the Silicon community with weekend screenings. Get the multiplex experience at the 350 seater cinema hall.

Amarjeet Mohanty

Faculty Coordinator

Biswajit Nayak

+91 6370406904

Aditya Sahu

Joint Secretary
+91 9668187480

Sports & Fitness

Master your slam dunk, smash like a pro, hit a graceful cover drive, play your drop shots, score a super raid, or learn to checkmate in the endgame at the Sports & Fitness clubs.

Yoga Club

Leap forward in your physical and mental wellbeing through yoga. Improve your strength, balance and flexibility by training under a professional yoga instructor.

Prasant Kumar Mallik

Yoga Instructor

Sports Club

Master your skills in a sport of your choice – cricket, badminton, basketball, table tennis, volleyball, football, kabaddi, table tennis, chess, caroom. Get professional coaching and learn by playing in athletic meets using the best sports infrastructure.

Gyana Ranjan Biswal

Faculty Coordinator

Ritick Kumar Mohanty

+91 6206954033

Debashree Jena

Joint Secretary
+91 7008764027

Health Club & Gym

Transform into your fittest self, get expert advice on nutrition, and embrace good health with the support from the Health Club and the gym facilities.

Partha Sarathi Behera

Faculty Coordinator

Muktikanta Pradhan

+91 8117865394

Sankalp Raj Singh

+91 9123475182

Cricket Club

Indulge your craze for cricket by playing intra and inter college tournaments or weekend games at Silicon’s cricket ground. Network over the love of the game with experts from nearby companies in Infocity!

Pradipta Kumar Jena

Faculty Coordinator

 Amit Kumar Sahu


Abhishek Nanda

Joint secretary

+91 6371556647

Personality Development

Build your confidence, discover your strengths, and explore your talents through the personality development initiatives at Silicon.

Quiz Club

Learn to be a quiz genius through deliberate practice, participations in intra and inter-college, state and national competitions and learning from your peers.

Dhananjaya Tripathy

Faculty Coordinator

Siddhant Kumar Sahoo

+91 9668575015

Toastmasters Community Club

SiliconTech hosts the Bhubaneswar Community Club of Toastmasters International, a global nonprofit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs. Anyone above 18 years of age from the city can enrol as a member by paying a nominal annual fee. Siliconites enrol as a member and enhance their communication, presentation and public speaking skills by overcoming their inhibitions and stage fright through regular mentoring by club members.

Ananya Roy Choudhury

Faculty Coordinator
+91 81170 01351


Lean into your power as a woman leader through mentorship and networks from the Social Awareness and Gender Equality for Women (SAGE-W) Cell at Silicon. SAGE-W Cell strives to promote gender equality on-campus by creating opportunities for women students and recognizing their academic and non-academic achievements.

Nivedita Pati

Faculty Coordinator

Meta Academics Cell

Hone your speaking and debating skills by participating in extempore speech, parliamentary debates, group discussions and much more.

Susmita Biswal

Faculty Coordinator

Annada Gumansingh

+91 9348961128

Akash Pandit

Joint Secretary
+91 9777396379

Social Service

Make a difference to the lives of the less privileged or contribute your time and efforts to better your community and environment through the different social service clubs.


The Zenesis of Enthusiasm About Life (ZEAL) club organize a wide range of social activities and spiritual camps to enhance students wellbeing. From Art of Living sessions to blood donation camps and HIV awareness, the opportunities to nourish your mind and heart are plenty.

Subhashree Prusty

Faculty Coordinator

Swati Routray


Tushar Nayak

Joint Secretary
70084 07276

Green Club

Join a tribe of eco-warriors to build a greener campus, cleaner environment and improve knowledge about green technologies.

Subrat Kumar Sahu

Faculty Coordinator

Sneh Agrawal

+91 7381157886

Vishwa Lochan Pathak

Joint Secretary
+91 8083774331

Learning Societies

Build your networks and enhance your knowledge by being part of different student chapters of technical professional organizations.

ISTE Student Chapter

In 2008, Silicon established the ISTE Student Chapter at SiliconTech, which today has more than 1000 members. Every year, the ISTE Student Chapter conducts various events such as tech-o-meter, workshops, seminars, industrial visits, and technical events to help students update their technical knowledge.

Monorama Swain

Faculty Coordinator

Ushmita Dutta


Arpita Gupta


IEEE Student Chapter

IEEE Student Chapter at SiliconTech grooms students in the field of sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) as well as society and humanity. Many of the student members participating in events have brought accolades to the Institute by presenting their papers in IEEE seminars, participating in project competitions, national level hackathons and excelling in placements.

Dr. Pratap Ranjan Mohanty

Faculty Coordinator

Aditya Viswabhusan

Student Chair

Mudrika Khemka

Student Vice Chair

Unstop (Formerly Dare2Compete)

Unstop, is the largest student community across domains which engages with the students of b-schools, engineering colleges, and other graduate colleges with various opportunities for them to participate, compete, and showcase their talent. Unstop Student Chapter at SiliconTech works as part of the newly established Unstop Club to transform the way students connect, network and learn amongst the global community.

Tarini Charana Mishra


CSI Student Chapter

The CSI aims to facilitate research, knowledge sharing, learning and career enhancement for all categories of IT professionals while simultaneously inspiring and nurturing new entrance into the industry and helping them to integrate into the IT community. The Student Chapter of CSI at Silicon, Bhubaneswar was established on 1 April, 2011 under the able guidance and constant support from our Trustee N.G. Dhal.

Dr. Bimal Kumar Meher

Faculty Coordinator

Ahwan Mishra

07978494252/ 8763999252

CodeChef Chapter

The Silicon CodeChef Chapter works to build a robust, competitive programming culture on campus and help students become better problem solvers. Siliconites earned their CodeChef College Chapter shield for Silicon in November 2020 under the Silicon ISTE (Indian Society for Technical Education) banner.

Monorama Swain

Faculty Coordinator

Raoshnak Quadri


Sweta Rani



The QWERTY Club extends typing training to Silicon students on standard QWERTY keyboards by engaging an external professional typing instructor. It helps students to become proficient in touch typing.

Nihar Ranjan Panda

Faculty Coordinator

Learn and live in the best environment.