Industry Interface Cell

The Industry Interface Cell (II CELL) at SiliconTech coordinates, facilitates and organizes all activities that prepare Siliconites for success in their chosen career paths.

Established as an independent department, the II Cell oversees all activities related to the professional development of students. It engages corporates for mutually beneficial collaborations, designs specific career development programs and summer internship courses, and sets up practice schools in industry sites.

The II Cell is the nodal department anchoring student placements at SiliconTech.

The Industry Interface Cell is committed to empowering students to realize their aspirations for meaningful and fulfilling careers in industry, academia, and public services.

Corporate Relations

The II Cell works closely with corporates for productive collaborations that benefit SiliconTech students, faculty, and the companies. It designs and organizes specific programs based on actionable insights from these engagements. The II Cell’s corporate relations program has the following suite of activities.

Skill training for students to make them industry-ready

Establishing practice school centers at workplaces

Training for faculty members in the latest technologies

Mentoring, recruitment, and networking through the Alumni Cell

The Summer Internship program gives students a hands-on learning experience through opportunities to work on simulations of real-life technology projects from the industry. Students learn a new skill or upskill in the latest technologies.


Practice Schools places students in six-month internships with companies, research organizations, and labs. It gains them valuable work experience, specific professional skills, and an opportunity for learning by application.


Akash Kumar

B.Tech. Computer Science Engineering

Year of graduation - 2020

Akash secured an All India Rank of 20 in GATE 2021.

Kaustuv Ray

B.Tech. Computer Science Engineering

Year of graduation - 2021

Kaustuv secured an All India Rank of 69 in GATE 2021.

Rishi Kumar

B.Tech. Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

Year of graduation - 2020

Rishi secured an All India Rank of 1046 in GATE 2020.

Amlan Prateek Acharya

B.Tech. Electronics and Communication Engineering

Year of graduation - 2020

Amlan secured an All India Rank of 527 in GATE 2020.

Placements at Silicon

The Industry Interface Cell ensures successful placements of its students in diverse domains across the private sector, research organizations, government, and public services. Mentoring by experts, pre-placement talks and rigorous mock tests prepare students to do well in the interviews. On-campus, virtual, off-campus, and pooled drives provide a wide range of opportunities for students to find jobs with their preferred employers.


Swapna Sanjog Mohanty

Year of Graduation - 2022

Placed in Amazon with 25 LPA

Chandan Singh

B.Tech. Electronics and Communication Engineering

Year of Graduation - 2022

Mentor Graphics

CTC – 20 LPA

Animesh Kumar Nayak

B.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering

Year of graduation - 2021

SquidMind Associates

CTC - 26 LPA

Anurag Upadhyay

Year of graduation - 2021

Placed in Kuvera/PeopleStrong with 18 LPA/14LPA

Pursuing Higher Education

Many Siliconites choose to continue their education to prepare for a career change to management or public services. Some choose to pursue advanced degrees in their fields of interest. These students benefit from the rigorous academic curriculum and process, opportunities for practical learning through internships and practice schools, and mentorship through access to professional networks at Silicon. They perform well in the competitive exams and gain admission into programs of their choice in top universities in India and abroad.

Prateek Ram

B.Tech. Computer Science Engineering


CAT Score – 97.67 percentile

Kewal Krishna

B.Tech. Electronics and Communication Engineering

Year of graduation - 2021

CAT Score – 95.6 percentile

Ritu Rani Kesari

B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering

Year of graduation - 2020

M.S. Software Engineering, BITS Pilani

K.V.D. Pallavi

B.Tech. Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Year of graduation - 2020

Simon Business School, University of Rochester, USA

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