M.Sc. Molecular Medicine

The M.Sc. Molecular Medicine program prepares the graduates to understand and learn the concepts of Molecular Medicine for application with molecular basis of disease management and precision diagnostics. Students will develop practical skills and knowledge that will enable them to work in clinical settings and also do research.

Learning and practice will equip the students with the skills necessary to conduct biomedical research with medical application. The program is a response to the increasing demand for qualified scholars in biomedicine and molecular biology.

The students will pursue advanced skilling and training in the field of Molecular Medicine in the newly established state-of-the-art ‘JBS Haldane Centre for Molecular Medicine (HCM)’. The JBS Haldane Centre aims to foster the spirit of translational science and applications in the field of medicine particularly in the emerging fields of Precision Oncology, Stem Cell Therapy, Molecular Cytogenetics, DNA Sequencing, IVF, Embryology, Genetic Counselling and Immunotherapy.

Core areas of study are molecular basis of disease, epigenetics, molecular oncology, stem cells, medical genetics, immunology, and endocrinology. Students can specialize in clinical research, IVF, genetic counselling, bioinformatics, and soft biology.

Postgraduate programs at Silicon are designed and intended to provide deeper knowledge and insight into the specific field of study. However, Silicon encourages students to undertake interdisciplinary projects. It supports research and practice in such an initiative by assigning additional project guides from other departments to mentor the students.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The M.Sc. program prepares students for long term success. Beyond building core competencies and technical know-how of students, the program fosters creative skills to thrive in a dynamic world, develops leadership and social responsibility, and cultivates lifelong learning skills.

  • PEO1. Build a successful career in super-specialised discipline of molecular medicine domain based on individual preference and skill sets.
  • PEO2. Work independently or in a diverse team with effective communication in interdisciplinary environment, and demonstrate leadership in industry and academia.
  • PEO3. Engage in lifelong learning and career development through analysis, discussion, professional studies, literature study, and continued research.


Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

The comprehensive curriculum helps students to:

  • PSO1. Acquire the necessary skill sets in the domain of Molecular Life Sciences and develop core competence to apply in various branches of healthcare at molecular level.
  • PSO2. Implement the skills and practical knowledge gained from real world medical cases of various diseases and develop expertise to make informed decisions.
  • PSO3. Utilize the expertise in various cutting edge domains of molecular and DNA based techniques & tools for a rewarding career and zest for entrepreneurship or higher studies.

Career Paths

A postgraduate degree in Molecular Medicine will make you a sought-after professional in the industry who can get opportunities to build a career in advanced clinical centers in hospitals and health institutes, research facilities, molecular laboratories, IVF setups, gamete banks, stem cell units, pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals.


Program Highlights

Silicon is the first institute in eastern India and probably the only institute in the country to have launched this kind of a program. The highlights of this program are:

Cutting-edge facilities and laboratories equipped with NGS (Next-Generation Sequencing) and DNA sequencing technology

National and international experts as faculty members in addition to well-trained research faculty

Opportunity to work on practical and innovative research projects

Assured final semester project with placement

Beyond the Classroom

Summer Internships

Learn new skills and upskill in the latest technologies through project based training.

Practice School

Experiential learning through real time problem solving in industry environments.

Research Labs

On-campus labs for cutting-edge research in the latest science and technology domains.

Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Gain skills to build technology firms that service global clients.



State-of-the-art laboratories with the latest hardware and software for learning by doing


Library with over 63000 volumes of books, subscriptions to top e-journals, and reading rooms for focused learning

Research Center

Multidisciplinary research center with cutting edge labs researching on latest technologies

Sports & Fitness

Fully equipped gym and top-notch facilities for cricket, basketball, football

Student Clubs

Vibrant sociocultural clubs, a plush 350-seater private cinema hall, and buzzing with action technology clubs


Modern student housing ensuring comfort, safety and wellbeing

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