Student Council

Silicon Student Council (SSC) is the student body representing students’ interest and engagement in SiliconTech. Established in 2005, the SSC is actively involved in building student leadership, fostering community and belonging, and positioning SiliconTech as a leader in technical education.

Student Council Selection

The formation of the Student Council is an annual process of nominations and election from the current student base at the Institution. The student body selects the Secretary-General, their Core Team, Joint Secretaries, and Activity Coordinators during the annual process. The Faculty Coordinators (FCs) nominate one member from each club to act as the nominated representatives for the club. The tenure of each Student Council is limited to one academic session, after which the term automatically stands concluded.

Student Council Members

The Student Council is a representative body led by the Secretary-General. The office bearers are constituted of the core team members, Secretary, Academics, and Secretary, Amenities.

Prabhudatta Mishra

Secretary General

Year of graduation - 2023

Soubhagya Nayak

Secretary Student Affairs

B.Tech. ECE, 2019-2023

Spandan Chaudhury

Secretary Academics

B.Tech. CSE, 2019-2023

Digbijayee Nayak

Secretary Cultural

B.Tech. CSE, 2019-2023

Soumit Das

Secretary Amenities

B.Tech. CSE, 2019-2023

Subrat Kumar Sahu

FC, Event Management

Dr. Annapurna Mishra

FC, Event Management

Dr. Soumya Ranjan Samal

FC, Student Interface & Event Management

Dr. Subhakanta Dash

Satish Kumar Das

FC, Event Management

Dr. Biranchi Narayan Rath

FC, Volunteer Management

The Advisory Committee includes the Director and Dean, Student Affairs, (estb.) with the overall process being reviewed by Faculty in Charge (FIC). The committee is further assisted by faculty coordinators and people in charge of different Clubs, Cells and Committees functional in the Institute.

Campus Facilities

SiliconTech has excellent infrastructure to study and live in comfort. Students benefit from facilities like digital lecture halls and classrooms for online and offline learning, well-appointed hostel rooms, open-air theatres, cafeterias, gyms and sports courts.

Sports & Fitness

Fully equipped gym and top-notch facilities for cricket, basketball, football

Student Clubs

Vibrant sociocultural clubs, a plush 350-seater private cinema hall, and buzzing with action technology clubs


Modern student housing ensuring comfort, safety and wellbeing

SiliconTech gives you endless opportunities to do what you love.